Mountain Meadows Conservancy

Mill Site Reuse Guide

PDF Download of Guide

Who is this guide for?  This guide is for anyone who is interested in tackling the reuse of a former lumber mill site in his or her community- planners, property owners, community members, developers, or anyone else who may have an interest.

What is in the guide?  The guide provides a basic framework for starting a reuse effort, including answering questions about liability, using Google Maps and suggesting strategies for stakeholder involvement.  The resources listed in the guide and at the bottom of this page offer more detailed information as well.


  • Red River Lumber Mill photo courtesy of the Westwood Museum
  • Background image courtesy of Kirsten Bovee
  • Historical photo with overlays and satellite images courtesy of Kirsten Bovee and Deer Creek GIS.


Guide prepared by Maija West, P.C. and Maija West, Esq., for the Mountain Meadows Conservancy.