Nils Lunder

Nils grew up in Westwood and spent his youth enjoying the richness that the Mountain Meadows region supports.  He studied Environmental Science at Humboldt State University where he received a Bachelors of Science in 2001.  Since then he has been busy building his homestead ranch in Indian Valley with his wife Lindsey and now with their two sons Adin and Jura and daughter Aiyla.  Nils has worked as a Wildlife Biologist studying Carnivores, Goshawks, Owls and Grebes.  He has been involved with stream restoration projects in the region and has worked as a Fisheries Biologist.  His aquatic work has taken him throughout the Feather River Watershed, and into numerous watersheds in California and Oregon. He has also worked on organic farms and in residential and landscape construction.  Nils is committed to building the relationships with partners that will lead to the restoration of local habitats and the development of improved recreation access in his homelands that will contribute to the long term viability of the communities that exist within the Upper Feather River Watershed.